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Blues Revue, Issue 120 (oct/Nov 2009)
by Hal Horowitz

Blues Revue, Issue 120 (Oct/Nov 2009)
Night Work
DixieFrog Records

They call it “Champagne Blues and Pittsburgh Soul.” This unlikely but fruitful pairing between Pennsylvania veteran R&B vocalist Billy Price and French blues guitarist Fred Chapellier was sparked when the latter invited the former to guest on a 2007 tribute to Roy Buchanan. Price has been a roots journeyman for three decades, consistently releasing excellent if obscure albums, and his high-profile work with Buchanan in the Seventies remains his most visible accomplishment.

The duo reconvened at a studio in Price's home state to continue the partnership, inviting a horn section and working up a batch of songs that combine Price's love of soul with Chapellier's scorching, classy guitar. The story is detailed in the track whose title opens this review--just one of the baker's dozen of tunes here. Price is a terrific vocalist who deserves to be a bigger star. His love of O.V Wright. along with his clean enunciation and ability to shift from smooth to raunchy, is perfectly captured on this album of contemporary blue-eyed soul. Like his fellow Pennsylvanian Daryl Hall, Price possesses an instantly recognizable, supple set of pipes that drive smooth sizzlers such as Wright's grinding “Don't Let My Baby Ride” and midtempo scorchers such as “Under the Influence.”

Chapellier holds up his end of the bargain, ripping off razor-pricked solos that are indebted to Buchanan but don't slavishly ape him. Chapellier's brittle tone jabs like a hot poker into songs such as “When the Lights Came On.” The Philly-style horns and occasional female background vocals are bonuses. Still, all the talent here wouldn't amount to much without comparable material, which might be the project’s most impressive feat. Price co-wrote eight tracks; Chapellier contributed one (a closing instrumental); and they all comfortably nestle into a rugged soul-blues groove without tipping into either camp. The production, mixing, and sound follow suit, yielding a thrilling collaboration that, though not yet available in America, should delight lovers of soul or blues.

- Hal Horowitz

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