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Night Work

ft. Fred Chapellier

CD by Billy Price and French guitarist Fred Chapellier, backed by the Billy Price Band and featuring cameo appearances by Otis Clay and Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks.


1. Smart Money
2. My Love Comes Tumbling Down
3. Night Work
4. Don’t Let My Baby Ride
5. When the Lights Came On
6. Love and Happiness
7. Who You’re Workin’ For
8. Under the Influence
9. The Wrong Woman
10. O.V. Wright
11. All the Love in the World
12. Champagne Blues and Pittsburgh Soul
13. Skunk Shuffle

Booking and Contact Information

Billy Price Band
5945 Alder St. Apt. 2
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Concert and Festival Booking

Live Music 4 US
Leo Gale

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